IT Staffing

IT Staffing
Swift Technologies go the mile to work closely with our client thoroughly understand their business environment and the needed staffing resources requirement. We make sure that candidates have the proper experience and education necessary to do well in the job, as well s the character traits and personality profile for fulfilling the work duties. We believe that a good fit for the job also denotes being a good fit for the business.
Through our recruiting team who recognizes the best-qualified candidates for every position, we are equipped with a high number of candidates who are chosen by our clients, and our partners report high ratio of satisfaction, attributed to their expertise of the client environment in advance.

Flexible Job Placement

Contact to hire, full time placements, short-term or long-term contracts, Swift Technologies was able to offer our clients and customers the flexibility to get access the work they need, devoid of creating long-term commitments and increasing fixed costs. Whenever our client ant one consultant or thirty, Swift Technologies employs a philosophy and approach built inexperience, which highlights the right fit in the right time.

Industries We Serve

With us, we use process that are proven and tested through many years of experience, identifies the two-way nature of the objective and role of recruiting and the consultant need to be right for each other. Every opportunity gets individual customized attention to make sure the needs of our clients are being met in a manner that the needs of the consultant are met as well. Our experience has showed the importance of this. In most cases, we enthusiastically help our clients in defining and understanding their needs.

Global Recruiting

Through global recruiting compatibility, Swift Technologies hires specialized recruiters conducting our strong recruiting, matching as well as screening process throughout the two continents and three time zones. We are equipped with recruiting team that consists of experts in the industry who understand the unique requirement and skills of every industry as well as where to search the best individual in that field. This allows Swift Technologies to assist our consultants to make careers through identifying assignments along with increasingly more challenge and responsibility.

At our foundation, we are equipped with a custom-built and automated workflow database, which enables us to respond to and connect to automated and manual positions through excellent speed. We recruit, we scout, we source and we screen different candidates throughout a diverse team of experts.
We are aware that businesses need agility when it comes to meeting their personnel requirement in present’s volatile markets. This might denote employing highly experienced and qualified IT experts to fill permanent positions in the area of development and growth or probably searching for a quality talent to perform either short term or long term project task assignments. Through combining or expertise when it come to recruitment, executive placement and hiring together with our power as a respected leading and one top service provider of integrated technology, Swift Technologies provide a unique combination of those benefits.

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