About Us

About Us

Swift Technologies is an information technology company that works in System Integration, Software Development and IT Consulting Services.
We are one of the leading business advisors, which bring creativity and innovation to add growth and value to any type of organization. We are able to make effort to be the most respected source for strategic and operation guidance of our clients. We strive to meet quantifiable results through guiding our customers and clients along with the IT life cycle in order to meet the goals of their business.

Swift Technologies  is equipped with experienced and extra ordinary staff, which are prepared, engaged and empowered at the same time. In addition to our strong and competitive compensation as well as benefit packages, we are able to provide our associates along with fast-paced career together with the opportunities for international exposure. We are able to put the best practices in the business just to work for the most esteemed clients of the world and to work and learn together with revolutionary and state of the art technologies.
Our Work Culture

Swift Technologies  is very passionate when it comes to technology and how it could help you – our clients to meet the highest degree of success and effectiveness. We understand that recognition plays a very crucial role in encouraging to highest performance and an established rewards program shows appreciation. Therefore, if you are one of those achievers out there, that has passion and commitment for making and achieving goals, then you will find countless opportunities for being known at Swift Technologies.
Why Choose Swift Technologies?

Swift Technologies  is equipped with consultants that acquire sound technical experience along with industry specific industries and robust business expertise. Our consultants are very much committed to making excellence and strive to offer better solutions always through using only the best practices as well as out of the box frameworks.
Here at, Swift Technologies, we strongly believe in executing application together with less customization and more configurations. We at all times encourage, provide and support training to our consultants in order to stay them abreast of the new technologies and trends within their areas of specialization.

We are the company who recognizes the importance of integrity, quality and responsiveness in the performance of all our assignments. We appreciate the mission of every client we have, meet, and even exceed the expectation of them while dealing with the program cost, risks and schedules. We perform this through continuously enhancing the way we use people, technologies and processes, which are the three pillars of success. In addition to that, Swift Technologies remains responsive and flexible to the unique needs of our clients. We are able to adopt with vendor neutral approach, pragmatic, and by dealing with partnership together with our clients; we build a long lasting and strong relationship since we share knowledge generously, energy, expertise, and we keep a single minded concentration on making the results. Above all, we strive to continue listening to the needs of our clients to make sure their needs is met, every time.

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